議程表 Program

10th International Conference on Daoist Studies


Daoism: Self, Science, and Society



Tian-An-Tai-Ho Retreat Center (TATHRC), May 26-29, 2016




05/26(Thu) 05/27(Fri) 05/28(Sat) 05/29(Sun)
09:00-10:30 Registration/
08:30-10:10 Session 3 08:30-10:10 Session 5 08:30-10:10 Session 9
10:30-11:00 Opening Ceremony 10:10-10:30  Break 10:10-10:30  Break 10:10-10:30 Break
11:00-12:30 Keynote Speech 10:30-12:10 Session 4 10:30-12:10 Session 6 10:30-12:10 Session 10
12:30-14:00 Lunch 12:10-14:00 Lunch 12:10-14:00 Lunch 12:10-12:40 Concluding Forum
14:00-15:40 Session 1 14:00-15:40 Sightseeing of local scenic spots 14:00-15:40 Session 7 12:40-13:30 Lunch
15:40-16:00 Break 15:40-16:00 15:40-16:00 Break  
16:00-17:40 Session 2 16:00-17:40 16:00-17:40 Session 8
17:40-19:30 Dinner 18:00-20:00 Banquet 17:40-19:30 Dinner
19:30-21:00 Music Appreciation 19:30-20:10 Film: The Life Map of Master Han Ching
20:10-21:00 Worship rituals of T'ienti Teachings


Panel Structure
Total Time 100 minutes
Papers 25 minutes when 3 panelists are presenting=75 minutes
20 minutes when 4 panelists are presenting=80 minutes
17 minutes when 5 panelists are presenting=85 minutes
Discussion 5-10 minutes comments by assigned chair person
10-15 minutes open discussion

Rooms for Panel Sessions
Registration/ Opening Ceremony/ Keynote Speech/ Concluding Forum 天安太和廳 Tian-An-Tai-Ho Hall
A ─Panels 親和廳 Chin-Ho Hall
B ─Panels 天安太和廳 Tian-An-Tai-Ho Hall
C─Panels/ Workshops/ Forum 慈恩廳 Tzu-En Hall
D ─Workshops 大同堂 Concord Hall
E ─Exhibits 展示廳 Exhibition Hall
F─Meals/Rest 餐廳 Restaurant

NOTE: Papers are given in the language they are listed first on this program.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


09:00-10:30 Registration / TATHRC Tour
10:30-11:00 Opening Ceremony/Conference Greetings
11:00-12:30  Keynote Speeches
劉通敏 Chair(主持人)
李豐楙 游觀與內觀:從存想身神到觀照關竅的丹道修練
Paul Katz 康豹 Daoism and the Revival of Temple Cults in China: Preliminary Observations from Wenzhou
李顯光 靜坐的有為與無為

12:30-14:00  Lunch


14:00-15:40  Session 1
1A: Daoist Teachings in Western Europe 歐洲道教
Ute Engelhardt Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Ingrid Renard Introducing Daoism in a Practice of Chinese Medicine in Europe: Experiment and Critical Thinking.
Philippe Aspe Love for Science is Energy: The Scientific New Age Discourse of the International Sheng Zhen Society
Marc Lebranchu Daoist Masters and European Students: Creative Misunderstandings?
1B:歷史研究Historical Research
魏燕利 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
羅爭鳴 教史與聖傳:《歷世真仙體道通鑒》的編撰與刊刻考論
何希文 道教法印與官印: 以北極驅邪院印為例
劉  平 反迷信还是反宗教: 南京国民政府的道教政策透视
1C:道教儀式的實踐 The Practice of Daoist Ritual
程  狄 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
張  鵬 秦漢簡所見禹須臾與禹步起源新論  
范俊銘 道教之五營信仰與以色列支派安營的對比
方志俊 儺道教儀式的空間建構與治療邏輯:以貴州省德江儺爲例
何德隆 試論道教的地獄觀-以太乙救苦天尊的圖像為對象
洪儷倩 From Disease to Well-Being: Take Concealing the Soul Ritual as the Example
1D: Workshop 實務展演
Antoine Delaly Medical Hypnosis: An Experience of Qi Within or Beyond the Paradigm of Duality

15:40-16:00  Break


16:00-17:40  Session 2
2A: Comparative Studies 比較研究
Galia Dor Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Gabriele Libera From Alienation To Unity: Self-Transformation in the Zhuangzi and Existentialism
Benjamin Coles
Guo Xiang's Zhuangzi and Two Models of Self-Cultivation in Daoism: A Comparative Perspective
Martin Evenden Spinoza and Daoism on Psychology, Emotion and Therapy
Steven Marsh馬強 找回智慧:老子與蘇格拉底為例
2B: 中國神靈: 觀念和信仰Chinese Deities: Conceptions and Cults
汪小洋 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
賈晉華 中國神靈觀念溯源
黄晨曦 早期中國的生物化生觀念及其演變——從《莊子�至樂》《列子�天瑞》和《淮南子�地形訓》談起
白照傑 中古道教仙骨信仰研究
2C:道教修練與身體 Daoist Body Cultivation
洪儷倩 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
黃啟文 從「陰蹻為先」來看內丹守竅的應用
呂  燁 晚清時期女丹文本中的身體與修煉—以《無上坤元至寶眞經註解》為例
王秀妃 當代內丹修煉的身體經驗現象描述: 以一個台灣修煉道家太極拳的修行者為例
余溟鯤 道教辟穀術: 定義、分類及相關修煉
高  磊 天人合一: 內丹修煉與蘇非功修—以劉智的五更月為例
2D: 實務展演 Workshop
蕭玫玲/許秉宏/許玉純/陳美華/陳華明/林燈財/陳秭秝 天帝教正宗靜坐之介紹與演練

17:40-19:30  Dinner


Evening: Special Presentation
19:30-20:30 天帝教宗教音樂賞析 ( 天安太和廳 )




Friday, 27 May 2016


8:30-10:10  Session 3
3A: Anthropological Variants
Benjamin Coles
Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Adeline Herrou Multi-site Field Study: A Daoist Monk Builder and the Temples He Has Eeconstructed
Brigitte Baptandier The Cult of Linshui furen in Taiwan and Fujian.
Michael Friedrichs Bertolt Brecht and the Disadvantages of Usefulness
Michael Winn What is Cosmological Qigong?
3B:道家哲學Daoist Philosophy
黃人傑 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
潘樹仁 淮南鴻烈展示之「性命」理論初研
趙敏芝 莊子的「命論」
洪千雯 《莊子》「自然」思想探究-兼論《老子》至《莊子》之「自然」轉型脈絡
許明珠 以實踐為核心的道家哲學詮釋
3C: 中國神靈:地方信仰與道教Chinese Deities: Local Traditions and Daoism
賈晉華 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
孔慶茂 江浙張大帝信仰溯源
汪小洋 民間信仰與道教中的長壽與重生: 江蘇民間故事中的神仙傳說
程  狄 清代藏传佛教寺院中的關公信奉缘由研究--兼论藏传佛教对道教神灵体系的借鉴
3D: Workshop 實務展演
Michael Winn Wu Ji Gong – Primordial Qigong

10:10-10:30   Break


10:30-12:10  Session 4
4A: Daoist History and Practice 道教歷史與實踐
Randall Nadeau Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Thomas E. Smith Xu Mi's Network: A Different Perspective on Early Shangqing Daoism
Terry Kleeman Virtue and Talent: Assessing Daoists in Early Medieval China
Larson Di Fiori Illustrations of Inner Practice in the Jinyi Huandan Yinzhengtu
Patricia Karetzky The Formation of a Daoist Pictorial Iconography in the Tang
4B: 道德經研究Daode jing Studies
安  倫 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
陶文亮 道德經的最新解讀和英文翻譯
黃人傑 道德經章名和體系之研議
藍日昌 論〈老子指略例〉與王弼的關系
劉見成 會道歸元: 李道純《道德會元》解老思想中的修道觀
4C: 道教學的新研究Recent Advances in Daoist Studies
劉  平 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
魏燕利 對蔡山奶奶廟的現狀考察與歷史追溯
龍泓孜 論清代民國道教“三教合道”新運動: 以四川劉沅為例
何珮瑩 從女權主義哲學的角度探討女性與老子道德經
4D:Workshop 實務展演
張賢潭/ 高森/ 呂志成/葉又華/ 高蘭/ 陳美華/ 劉通敏/ 劉劍輝


12:10-14:00  Lunch

12:30-13:20  設置台灣飲食文化特色攤位

Chinese Culture Folk arts show

Dough、Paper-cut art、Blow sugar、Hakka Lei Cha、Wood carving、Cypress Oil

14:00-18:00  Sightseeing of local scenic spots

14:00-14:30  出發前往客家文化發展中心苗栗園區

14:30-15:30  參觀客家文化發展中心苗栗園區

15:30-18:00  參觀三義佛頂山朝聖寺、木雕街


18:00-20:00  Banquet 與會者自行前往苑裡龍園餐廳用餐 (苗栗縣苑裡鎮中山路322號)




Saturday, 28 May 2016


08:30-10:10 Session 5
5A: Daoist Medicine 道家醫學
Steve Jackowicz Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Ute Engelhardt Daoist Superfoods? Dietetics between Daoism and Medicine
Eduardo Alexander Laboratory Alchemy and Taoist Plants: Experience of a Contemporary Alchemist
David Dear Collaboration or Collusion? Yangsheng: Embodied Lifestyle Practices and the Construction of Shared Realities
Elisabeth Friedrichs Refugees Welcome: Qigong and NADA Acupuncture with Refugees in Germany
5B: 比較研究Comparative Studie
葛焕礼 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
何婉麗 生態家庭主義:婦女,道家思想與環境保護
郭正宜 越南瑤族古籍戒殺生勸善故事書研究以〈黃怀女傳〉、〈黃氏女傳〉為例
許雅棠 西方「政體思惟」與中國儒道思惟
5C: 老莊思想 Laotz-Zhuangzi's Thought
許明珠 Chair & Discussant(主持人& 與談人)
沈清松 身體與交談:《莊子》與《老子中經》的比較
安  倫 老子的修為
蔡偉鼎 當代新格義:論海德格與道家思想之互詮
5D: Workshop 實務展演
Chris Bunkell An Energetic approach to Psychotherapy: Wu Shen as Spheres of Cognition


10:10-10:30  Break


10:30-12:10  Session 6
6A: Daoism and Science 道教與科學
Livia Kohn Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Galia Dor Scientific and Evolutionary Thought in Daoist Texts
Chris Bunkell How Identity is Understood within Chinese Medicine: Forming and Identification of the Self
Adrien Stoloff The Neural Correlates of Wu-Wei
Imke Bock-Möbius Can Daoism Help to Render Science More Holistic?
6B: 天帝教文化Tiandi jiao Culture
李宏圖 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
劉煥玲 涵靜老人《清虛集》之天人合一研究
王祺雯 上帝的道統觀與天命之傳承
陳雯柔 眼睛裡的大小宇宙: 以人物壁畫臨摹、考察經驗論道家神仙形象之修持心法
6C:道家智慧 Daoist Wisdom
沈清松 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
沈明昌 道家智慧在行政管理的應用
赵振荣(方丈) 新医学:永乐易 -- 天人合一的方向学
趙敏亨 莊子大宗師的生死智慧
6D: Workshop 實務展演
Grace Sesma & Kenneth Cohen Many Rivers, One Source: The Wisdom of China and Mexico


12:10-14:00  Lunch

12:30-13:20  咖啡座席、西式糕餅Taiwan coffee and Violin Piano show with local bakery.


14:00-15:40  Session 7
7A: Comparative Philosophy比較哲學
Larson Di Fiori Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Terry Woo吳德齡 Lao-Zhuang Approaches to Pluralism: Towards a Daoist Philosophy of Religion
Sam Goldstein Zhuangzi Chapter 15 and Huainanzi Chapter 7
Ronald Catabia Daoism and Peace Psychology
7B: 台灣道教Taiwan Daoism (1)
蔡秀菁 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
蔡秀菁 主導與交陪:新港奉天宮遶境組織、活動及思想
陳美滿 慈濟思想與親子成長班的運作
盧秀玲 當代台灣告別式型態的形成因素
Eduardo Alexander As Within, So Without: A Practical Experiment on the  (Re)Integration of Neidan and Waidan
7D: 實務展演Workshop
袁主恩/ 盧秀玲 儒、道、佛三教於喪葬上的表現


15:40-16:00  Break


16:00-17:40  Session 8
8A:The Anatomy of Self-Cultivation
Chris Bunkell Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Alex Feng The All-Encompassing Dao
Steve Jackowicz Physics, Physicality, and Physiology: The Foundation of Daoist Self-Cultivation
Hirsh Diamant Re-Imagining the World and Self with Taiji and Daoist Study
8B:台灣道教Taiwan Daoism (2)
張家麟 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
張家麟 守靜與趨吉:論台灣地區安太歲思想與活動
盧俊清/ 吳柏尚 祭解儀式中的制煞展演與思想
蘇倍民 遶境進香的組織及思想-以大甲鎮瀾宮與分靈宮互動為焦點
8C: 道教藝術Daoist Arts
李美燕 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
葛焕礼 论晚唐五代笔记小说中的“仙境”:文士与道士构建之比较
李俊濤 妙理三才: 道教艺术的图像学探源与现代艺术推广
聶群慧 道教神真体系的当代新媒体艺术创作研究与应用: 以玄天上帝图像为例
姚義斌 魏晉南北朝墓葬壁畫中的四神圖像
8D:Workshop 實務展演
Hyunmoon Kim Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Levels of Dantian Breathing


17:40-19:30  Dinner


Evening: Special Presentation
19:30-20:10 黃牧紅─Film:大師的生命地圖(天安太和廳 )
20:10-21:00 天帝教教壇禮儀(平等堂 )




Sunday, 29 May 2016


08:30-10:10 Session 9
9A: Daoist Ritual 道教儀式
Gabriele Libera Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Livia Kohn Why Visualization Works: Medieval Practice and Modern Science
Zavidovskaia Ekaterina Charts and Talismans in Daoist Ritual Manuals of North Vietnam`s Minor Ethnic Groups
Genevieve Mandola Dao Can Save Humanity
9B:天帝教修持 Tiandi Jiao’Cultivation
蔡貽象 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
劉通敏 天人炁功與相關科學研究
劉劍輝 參贊化育:靜坐鍛煉之終極境界—以涵靜老人天上人間實修經驗為例
黎德安 試論《內經》道生與《新境界》造生的煉神觀
黃崇修 文始派虛無大道與天帝教<昊天虛無大道自然無為心法>之比較
9C:道學文化 Daoist Culture
李俊濤 Chair & Discussant(主持人& 與談人)
曾春海 馮友蘭的莊子詮釋
江弘遠 易傳聖人對於三才之道的建構與會通
鄭宜玟 書法藝術中的儒道原則
9D: Workshop實務展演
Kenneth Cohen
Sit Like A Bell, Stand Like A Pine: Practical Ways to Nurture Life


10:10-10:30  Break


10:30-12:10  Session 10
10A: Dao Today 今天道教
Terry Kleeman Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
Sergei Filonov Guilt, Repentance and Atonement: Preliminary Observations on the Model of Ritual Practice in the Jiuzhen Mingke
Randall Nadeau
Bao’an Temple (保安宮): A Modern Reconstruction of a Historical Tradition
Bernard Shannon Purify the Heart: An Interpretation
10B: 道教信仰Daoist Beliefs
謝政諭 Chair & Discussant(主持人&與談人)
秦国帥 制度之魅的流轉: 全真教與民國山東、河南的地方戲
郭  武 陈撄宁的外丹活动
余强军 道教内丹学与心理治疗
10C:論壇 Forum—李瑞烈道長紀錄片
吳宜桔 無悔的旅程 Journey Without Regrets
10D: 實務展演Workshop
鍾永國/賴景鴻     潘國隆/桑美玲/黃秋俐 天帝教天人交通簡介
10E: 實務展演Workshop
李美燕/張軒妮 道學之修養論與古琴藝術的實踐


12:10-12:40 Concluding Forum (天安太和廳)


12:40-  Lunch


Taiwan Tea Culture show, Zither music and Welcome tea with cakes.


Invite professor Wen-jung Hsu, a well-known artist famous in both Taiwan and China.