2015 - Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The Second International Symposium on Chinese Culture and Heaven-Human Union

The Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County, Taiwan. ROC

Lei-Li-O Retreat Center

9th-12th January 2015

Organizers :

The Society for the Study of Religious Philosophy (SSRP)

The T'ienti Teachings Association

Ji-Zhong Cultural and Educational Foundation

Master Han-Ching Academy

Red Heart Society

Taiwan Conference on Religion and Peace (TCRP)

Co-organizers :

The Anthro-Celestial General Research Institute, the T’ienti Teachings

The Management Committee of Lei-Li-O Retreat Center, the T'ienti Teachings

Life & Religion Department, Fo Guang University

Religion Department, Fu Jen Catholic University

Religion Department, Aletheia University

General Education College, Hungkuang University

Power Mechanical Engineering Institute, Tsing Hua University


The objective of this symposium is to provide an interchange platform to worldwide researchers, scholars, and scientists in the fields of religion, philosophy and science to exchange knowledge and new experiences under the atmosphere of collaboration and friendship. The scopes of papers are centered on the core philosophies of Chinese culture and different religions, and also on the relationship between science, religious philosophy and Chinese culture. The main scheme of this symposium is "Ideas of Heaven-Human Relations in Chinese Thought". "Heaven-Human Union" has been taken as the highest value in the traditional Chinese culture, and "Heaven-Human Concord" has been an ultimate concern in the T'ienti Teachings. Papers based on the following topics are warmly welcomed.


(1) Looking for Axial-Age Origins to Thinking on Heaven-Human Relatedness

(2) The Historical Evolution of Ideas on Heaven-Human Union in Chinese Intellectual History

(3) Contemporary Interpretations of Traditional Thinking on Heaven-Human Union

(4) Exploring Relations of the Human and the Divine (or Transcendent) in Western Philosophy and Religion

(5) Comparing Chinese and Western Culture in Terms of Heaven-Human Relatedness

(6) Dialogue and Prospects Regarding Global Ethics and Environmental Ethics

(7) Conceptions about Heaven-Human Union from Chinese Culture as a Revelation for the Contemporary World

(8) Thinking and Practice of Man-Heaven Union in Tiandi Jiao [Tienti Teaching]

(9) Others


Languages: The official languages of this symposium will be Chinese and English.

Objects: Worldwide scholars and graduate students in relevant fields.

Abstract Submission

The abstracts should be submitted to editor.ssrp@gmail.com

For abstract submission, please use 12-point Times New Roman fonts. It must be single spaced, evenly justified across the full width of the page. Please use 12-point line space down from the author affiliation. The author affiliation must be italicized and not bold. Symbol fonts should be Greek alphabets.

Sun-Moon Lake 1

Sun-Moon Lake 2

The abstract within 500 words should outline the paper precisely and show the main conclusion. The abstract needs to include the following:

1. Title of paper, names of authors and affiliations

2. Background, objective, method, main discovery and conclusion

3. Five to seven key words

4. In order to let readers catch your image quickly, please attach one or two graphs or pictures in the end of the abstract at your discretion.

5. Please identify the corresponding author with an asterisk and provide his/her complete address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address.

Selection of Papers, Proceedings, and Journal Publications

Selection of papers will be a two-step process through the website. After receiving abstracts and notifying authors of the results, the selected authors will be asked to submit a complete manuscript (around 10000 words) for our quick review. The final review results will be based on the complete manuscripts. All accepted papers, after pre-registration and payment in advance, will be distributed in a papers-collection and a CD-ROM proceedings at the symposium.

For further information, please refer to the related messages on the website or contact the chairman of the paper committee, Dr. C.H. Liou: editor.ssrp@gmail.com

The better papers from all papers will be selected and reviewed in order to be published in the Journal of Religious Philosophy.


Abstract submission: 25st July 2014
Notification of abstract acceptance: 7th August 2014
Standard-length manuscript submission: 7th Oct.2014
Notification of paper acceptance: 7st Nov. 2014
Finalized manuscript submission: 7th Dec.2014


For related information, please visit the website:


Mailing Address

Society for the Study of Religious Philosophy (SSRP)

No. 155, BeiXin Road, Sec. 2, XinDian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C

Tel: + 886-2-2913-6652      Fax: + 886-2-2913-0557

Honorary Chairman

Li, Zi-Yi            Honorary President, SSRP (Taiwan)

Honorary Vice Chairman

Wang, Bang-Xiong            Tamkang University (Taiwan)


Liou, Tong-Miin            Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)

Vice Chairman

Chen, Bo-Zhong    Hungkuang University (Taiwan)
Li, Feng-Mao        Chengchi University (Taiwan)
Zhuo, Xin-Ping      Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) (China)
An, Lun                Zhejiang University (China)
Robin Wang          Loyola Marymount University (L.A., U.S.A.)

Honorary Advisory Board (in alphabetical order)

Gao, Qi Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)
Kawahara Hideki University of Tokyo (Japan)
Li, Tian-Gang Fudan University (China)
Pan, De-Zong East China Normal University/ Master Han-Ching Academy (China)
Zhang, Zhi-Gang Peking University (China)
Zhao, Dun-Hua Peking University (China)
Zheng, Xiao-Yun CASS (China)

International Steering Committee (in alphabetical order)

Chen, Rong-Zhuo Brock University (Canada)
Chen, Zhi-Ping Xiamen University (China)
Chun, Byung-Don Kyung Hee University (South Korea)
Ikeda Tomohisa Tokyo University (Japan)
Jin, Ze CASS (China)
Kim, Kee-Joo Sunchon National University (South Korea)
Lo, Yuet-Keung National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Li, Gang Sichuan University (China)
Livia Kohn Boston University (U.S.A.)
Noma Akila Hokkaido Bunkyo University (Japan)
Wang, Bo Peking University (China)
Wang, Zhi-Cheng Zhejiang University (China)

Domestic Steering Committee (in alphabetical order)

Gao, Bo-Yuan Tamkang University (Taiwan)
Jiang, Yi-Bin Taipei University (Taiwan)
Li, Xian-Guang SSRP (Taiwan)
Lin, An-Wu Tzu Chi University (Taiwan)
Liou, Chien-Hui Anthro-Celestial Research Institute, the T’ienti Teachings (Taiwan)
Liu, Chien-Cheng Hungkuang University (Taiwan)
Liu, Jiu-Qing Ming Chuan University (Taiwan)
Lu, Zong-Lin Ling Tung University (Taiwan)
Shi, Chao-Ying Chinese Culture University (Taiwan)
Song, Guang-Yu Fo Guang University (Taiwan)
Weng, Ming-Zhu Kun Shan University (Taiwan)
Xiao, Zhen-Bangu Central University (Taiwan)
Xu, Zhao-Cheng Tainan University of Technology (Taiwan)
Yang, Ru-Bin Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
Yang, Xian-Dong Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)
Yuan, Bao-Xin Tamkang University (Taiwan)
Zeng, Chun-Hai Chinese Culture University (Taiwan)
Zeng, Zhao-Xu Tamkang University (Taiwan)
Zhang, Jia-Lin Aletheia University (Taiwan)
Zheng, Zhi-Ming Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan)
Shen, Ming-Chang Taiwan Police College (Taiwan) Symposium Secretary-General
Kao, Sen Yang Ming University (Taiwan) Symposium Vice Secretary-General
Lin, Chin Tien Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) Symposium Vice Secretary-General


The whole payment includes a copy of papers-collection, a CD-ROM proceedings, welcome reception, banquet, a half-day tour at the Sun Moon Lake.


(before 30st Nov. 2014)
Late or On-Site
Regular USD100 / NTD3000 USD150 / NTD4500
Accompanying spouse* USD50 / NTD1500 USD100 / NTD3000
student USD30 / NTD1000 USD50 / NTD1500

* welcome reception, banquet, a half-day tour

(If there are more than 2 authors in each paper, there must be at least one author to make the paper presentation at the symposium.)

Remittance Information

Account Name: The Society for the Study of Religious Philosophy
Account Number: 0700-872-060962 (Buli Branch, Taiwan Cooperative Bank. Code: 006)

Venue and Travel Information

This symposium will be held in the Lei-Li-O Retreat Center around the Sun Moon Lake. It can be reached by Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) from the airport and then by bus in HSR Taichung (Wuri) station. For further information about the symposium site, please visit the website:

Sun-Moon Lake 3

Sun-Moon Lake 4