2011 - Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The First International Symposium on Chinese Culture and Religious Concord

The Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County, Taiwan

16th-19th December 2011


The Society for the Study of Religious Philosophy


He-Nan Xin-Shan Tao-Learning Media Co., Ltd.

The Heaven-Human Research Institute, the T'ienti Teachings

Ji-Zhong Cultural and Educational Foundation

The T’ienti Teachings Association

Red Heart Society

Dept. of Life and Religious Studies, Fo Guang University

Dept. of Religious Studies , Fu Jen Catholic University

Dept. of Religion Studies, Aletheia University

General Education Center, Tunghai University

General Education College, Hungkuang University

Graduate Institute of International Politics, National Chung Hsing University

Institute of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, National Cheng Kung University

The First International Symposium on Chinese Culture and Religious Concord (CCRC) will be held around the beautiful Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County, Taiwan during 16-19th December 2011. Westerners long called Taiwan “Formosa” which means “beautiful isle". The name was given to Taiwan by the Portuguese in the 16th century. We’ll welcome worldwide scholars to attend this Symposium around the Sun Moon Lake.


The objective of this Symposium is to provide an interchange platform to worldwide researchers, scholars, and scientists in the fields of religion, philosophy and science to exchange new knowledge and experience under the atmosphere of collaboration and friendship. The scopes of papers lie mainly in the core thoughts of Chinese culture and different religions and also in the relationship with Chinese culture among science, philosophy, and religion. Your papers based on the following topics are warmly welcomed.


1、 Chinese Culture and Religious Collaboration

2、 The Unity and Interchange between Science and Religion

3、 The Future Religious Development Trend on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait

4、 The Future Religious Development Trend around the World

5、 Heaven-Human Unity and Religious Concord

6、 The Peace on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait and Religious Concord

7、 World Peace and Religious Concord

8、 Others


The official languages of this Symposium are Chinese and English.

Abstract Submission

The abstracts should be submitted to editor.ssrp@gmail.com

The abstract should be 300-500 words, including the following:

1、 Title of paper, names of authors and affiliations

2、 Background, objective, method, main statements and conclusions

3、 Five to seven key words

4、 Please identify the corresponding author with an asterisk and provide his/her complete address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address.



The abstract should be 12 point xin-xi-ming-ti font (新細明體) (Chinese) or Times New Roman font (English). It must be single spaced, evenly justified across the full width of the page. The author affiliation must be italicized and not bold. It must start one 12 point line space down from the Author affiliation list. Symbol font may be used for Greek letters.

Selection of Papers, Proceedings, and Journal Publications

Selection of papers will be a two-step process through the internet. (1) To receive abstracts, first review and notify results. (2) The selected authors will be asked to submit a full manuscript. (Paper words should be 7000 ~ 10000 for the paper in Chinese and 4000 ~ 6000 for the paper in English.) And then, second review, and authors do the necessary modification. All accepted papers after pre-registration and payment in advance will be distributed in a papers-collection and a CD-ROM at the Symposium. (For group authors, there must be at least one author to register and make the paper presentation at the Symposium.) The better papers will be selected and reviewed from all papers in order to be published in the Journal of Religious Philosophy. For related information, please visit the website http://ssrp.info/ or contact the executive secretary, Dr.C.C.Liu (劉見成): editor.ssrp@gmail.com


Abstract submission: 20st Oct. 2011
Notification of abstract acceptance: 31th Oct. 2011
Full length manuscript submission: 15th Nov. 2011
Notification of paper acceptance: 20st Nov. 2011
Final manuscript due: 30th Nov.2011


For related information, please visit the website:


Mailing Address

Society for the Study of Religious Philosophy (SSRP)
(Symposium Venue: Lei-Li-O Retreat Center)

No. 41, Wen-Zheng Lane, Zhong-Ming Village,
Yu-Ci Township, Nantou County 55543, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Tel: + 886-49-2898-446

Fax: + 886-49-2898-448 Attn: SSRP

Contact: + 886-49-2898-446, +886-932-585-766 Ms. Min-Rou Zhao


Ju, Ke-Yi            Chung Hsing University (Taiwan)

Vice Chairman

Liu, Tong-Min            Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
Song, Guang-Yu            Fo Guang University (Taiwan)

Honorary Advisory Board (tentative)

Li, Zi-Yi Chairman, SSRP (Taiwan)
Wang, Bang-Xiong Tamkang University (Taiwan)
Gao, Qi Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)
Liu, Zhong-Yu East China Normal University (China)
Li, Li-An Northwest University (China)
Tang, Yi-Jie Peking University (China)
Zhao, Dun-Hua Peking University (China)
Lou, Yu-Lie Peking University (China)
Li, Zhong-Hua Peking University (China)
Li, Gang Sichuan University (China)
Zhuo, Xin-Ping Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) (China)
Robin Wang Loyola Marymount University (L.A., U.S.A.)

International Steering Committee (tentative)

Vincenzo di Ieso Daoist Association of Italy (Italy)
Geir Sigurdsson University of Iceland (Iceland)
Andre van der Braak Radboud University (Holland)
Verner Worm Confucius Institute (Denmark)
Hans-Georg Moelle University College Cork (Ireland)
Loreta Poskaite University of Vilnius (Lithuania)
James Miller Queen’s University (Canada)
Livia Kohn Boston University (U.S.A.)
Jason Wirth Seattle University (U.S.A.)
David Jones Kennesaw State University (U.S.A.)
Martin Schonfeld University of South Florida (U.S.A.)
Ji, Jian-Zhong Peking University (China)
Zhang, Xue-Zhi Peking University (China)
Wang, Zong-Yu Peking University (China)
Wang, Jun Peking University (China)
Zhang, Xin-Ying CASS (China)
Jin, Ze CASS (China)
Li, Hua-Min CASS (China)
Zheng, Xiao-Yun CASS (China)
Yang, Jian CASS (China)
Zhou, Guang-Rong CASS (China)
Liang, Heng-Hao CASS (China)
Pan, De-Rong East China Normal University (China)
Zhang, Xiao-Lin East China Normal University (China)
Lauren Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)
Tan Sor-hoon University of Singapore (Singapore)
Cai, Hui-Yan China Medical University (Taiwan)
Li, Feng-Mao Chengchi University (Taiwan)
Zeng, Chun-Hai Chinese Culture University (Taiwan)
Chen, Guo-Zhen Soochow University (Taiwan)
Zeng, Zhao-Xu Tamkang University (Taiwan)
Jiang, Yi-Bin Taipei University (Taiwan)
Xiao, Deng-Fu Taichung University of Technology (Taiwan)
Zheng, Zhi-Ming Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan)
Lin, An-Wu Tzu Chi University (Taiwan)
Li, Xian-Guang Standing Director, SSRP (Taiwan)

Domestic Steering Committee (tentative)

Liu, Jian-Hui Secretary-General, SSRP (Taiwan)
Liu, Jian-Cheng Symposium Executive Secretary/ Hungkuang University (Taiwan)
Lü, Xian-Long Chief Secretary, the Heaven-Human Research Institute, the T’ienti Teachings (Taiwan)
He, Ying-Jun Secretary-General, Ji-Zhong Cultural and Educational Foundation (Taiwan)
Liu, Xiao-Pin Secretary-General, the T’ienti Teachings Association (Taiwan)
Wang, Xiu-Wan Secretary-General, Red Heart Society (Taiwan)
Yang, Xian-Dong Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)
Shi, Chao-Ying Chinese Culture University (Taiwan)
Lin, Jin-Lang National Defense University (Taiwan)
Lin, Ben-Xuan United University (Taiwan)
Liu, Jiu-Qing Ming Chuan University (Taiwan)
Zhang, Jia-Lin Aletheia University (Taiwan)
Xie, Chang-Wei Asia University (Taiwan)
Weng, Ming-Zhu Kun Shan University (Taiwan)
Liu, Huan-Ling Southern Taiwan University (Taiwan)
Xu, Zhao-Cheng Tainan University of Technology (Taiwan)

Registration * (Payment should be made in NT dollars.)

(before 31st Oct. 2011)
Late or On-Site
Regular 3000 4500
Accompanying spouse‡ 2400 3000
student 1500 1800

* It includes a copy of papers collection, a CD-ROM proceedings, welcome reception, food and beverage during the symposium, coffee breaks, a one-day tour around the Sun Moon Lake. (We don’t offer the above service to those who don’t register.)

‡ It includes the welcome reception, food and beverage during the symposium, coffee breaks, a one-day tour around the Sun Moon Lake.

§ For accommodation information, please refer to the information on the related website.

(For group authors, there must be at least one author to register and make the paper presentation at the Symposium.)

★Registration remittance information: Account: The Society for the Study of Religious Philosophy Account No. : 0700-872-060962 (Buli Branch, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Code 006)

Registration Deadline

30th Nov. 2011 (including those who have no papers)

Venue and Travel Information

The Symposium will be held in the Lei-Li-O Retreat Center around the Sun Moon Lake. It can be reached by Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) from the airport and then by bus in HSR Taichung (Wuri) station. For further information about the Symposium site and related travel, please visit the geographical location website:



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