Authority versus Authenticity

Authority versus Authenticity

12th International Conference on Daoist Studies

Beijing Normal University, Beijing

1-4 June, 2018

This year’s theme is the relationship of inner truth in contrast (and conflict) with outer circumstances, an issue that pervades Daoist history and culture, since Daoists highly value naturalness and integrity that often crosses or even runs in opposition to mainstream values, notions, and practices—both without and within the religion itself.

        Authority versus authenticity plays out in many different dimensions of Daoism. In philosophy, it appears in notions of destiny versus inner nature, seclusion versus political engagement, individuality versus conformity, and more. In terms of self-cultivation, it manifests in personal inclinations versus the requirements of a particular curriculum or preferences of a master and finds expression in numerous instances of innovation and restructuring. Socially, it plays a role whenever a dynastic or major economic change alters the culture and political landscape, requiring adjustment from the institution and/or efforts at legitimation. It also manifests in reforms and sectarian division within the religion itself, giving rise to multiple facets and new developments.

      Our keynote speakers will be Robin Wang, Chen Xia, and TBA. Beyond the conference itself, we also offer several optional excursions, both before and after.

Kyoto Hike


Kyoto Hike

31 October– 11 November 2017


Join Asian Studies professor Livia Kohn on a wonderful hike to the temples and mountains of Kyoto, Japan. Enjoy beautiful scenery, spectacular foliage, delicious food, and steaming hot tubs while learning first-hand about Japanese culture, religion, and lifestyle.


Tu, 10/31 Depart from home. Fly into Osaka, either Kansai (international) or Itami (domestic).


Wd, 11/1 Arrival. Arrive in Japan and transfer by train to the bustling Namba district in Osaka. Check into your hotel and relax, going out for dinner or a massage. If you come in early, enjoy a visit to Osaka Castle.

Creativity and Diversity

Creativity and Diversity

11th International Conference on Daoist Studies

Nanterre, Paris, France
May  17-20, 2017

    For the last thirteen years, the international conference on Daoist Studies has been instrumental in enhancing the study, application, and awareness of Daoism throughout the world. The only major Daoist conference series, it follows a tradition that began in Boston (2003) and continued through Mt. Qingcheng (2004), Fraueninsel in Bavaria (2006), Hong Kong (2007), Mt. Wudang (2009), Los Angeles (2010), Mt. Nanyue (2011), Ammersee Lake near Munich (2012), Boston University (2014), and Miaoli, Taiwan (2016). Thanks to the generous hosting of the University of Paris at Nanterre, the 11th conference will take place near metropolitan Paris in France.
   This year’s theme is “Creativity and Diversity.” The focus is on the artistic and specific expressions of Daoist worldview and practice, both in history and today. Panels and presentations focus particularly on anthropological studies and interactions between Daoism and art, music, ritual, theater, literature, martial arts, medicine, and various skills.
Adeline Herrou, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (LESC)
Georges Favraud, Toulouse Jean Jaurès University (LISST-CAS)
Livia Kohn, Boston University

Steering Committee (alphabetical):
Friederike Assandri, Joshua Capitanio, Eric Caulier, Chen Xia, Elliott Cohen, Catherine Despeux, Vincent Durand-Dastès, Fan Guangchun, Elisabeth Friedrichs, Jia Jinhua, Paul R. Katz, Li Guoqiang, Gabriele Libera, Tong Miin Liou, Liu Xun, Pierre Marsone, Karine Martin, Thomas Michael, Andreas Noll, Scott Park Phillips,Wang Xiaoyang, Michael Winn.

Keynote Speakers:
Brigitte Baptendier: TITLE
Vincent Goossaert: TITLE
Christine Mollier:TITLE





   在過去的 13 年中,國際道學研討會增進了全世界對道教的研究、應用和認知。作為唯一且主 要的道學研討會系列,此會最早在波士頓(2003 年)召開,接著是在青城山(2004 年)、巴伐利 亞的女人島(2006 年)、香港(2007 年)、武當山(2009 年)、洛杉磯(2010 年)、南嶽衡山 (2011 年)、慕尼克附近的阿默湖(2012 年)、波士頓大學(2014 年)以及臺灣苗栗(2016 年) 舉行。感謝楠泰爾市巴黎大學的慷慨招待,第 11 屆研討會將於法國巴黎大都會區附近舉行。
今年的研討會主題是“創造力與多樣化”,重點圍繞從古至今各種獨特的、藝術的表現形式所 體現的道教世界觀與修煉。分組討論以及論文發言的側重點在人類學研究,以及道教與藝術、音 樂、儀式、戲劇、文學、電影、武術、醫藥,以及其他各種技能的相互作用。
Adeline Herrou (謝道琳)- 法國國家科學研究中心
Livia Kohn(孔麗維)- 波士頓大學
Georges Favraud(嘉誌)- 法國圖盧茲大學

Friederike Assandri, Joshua Capitanio, Eric Caulier, Chen Xia 陳霞, Elliott Cohen, Catherine Despeux, Vincent Durand-Dastès, Fan Guangchun 樊光春, Elisabeth Friedrichs, Jia Jinhua 賈晉華, Paul R. Katz, Li Guoqiang 李國強, Gabriele Libera, Tong Miin Liou 劉通敏, Liu Xun 劉迅, Pierre Marsone, Karine Martin, Thomas Michael, Andreas Noll, Scott Park Phillips, Wang Xiaoyang 汪小洋, Michael Winn.

Brigitte Baptandier (貝桂菊)-職銜
Vincent Goossaert (高萬桑)-職銜
Christine Mollier (穆瑞明)-職銜

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