Authority versus Authenticity

Authority versus Authenticity

12th International Conference on Daoist Studies

Beijing Normal University, Beijing

1-4 June, 2018

This year’s theme is the relationship of inner truth in contrast (and conflict) with outer circumstances, an issue that pervades Daoist history and culture, since Daoists highly value naturalness and integrity that often crosses or even runs in opposition to mainstream values, notions, and practices—both without and within the religion itself.

        Authority versus authenticity plays out in many different dimensions of Daoism. In philosophy, it appears in notions of destiny versus inner nature, seclusion versus political engagement, individuality versus conformity, and more. In terms of self-cultivation, it manifests in personal inclinations versus the requirements of a particular curriculum or preferences of a master and finds expression in numerous instances of innovation and restructuring. Socially, it plays a role whenever a dynastic or major economic change alters the culture and political landscape, requiring adjustment from the institution and/or efforts at legitimation. It also manifests in reforms and sectarian division within the religion itself, giving rise to multiple facets and new developments.

      Keynote speakers will be
Robin Wang, Inner Nature and Destiny: Dynamics and Synergy
Chen Xia, A Daoist View of Ecology: Dao and Beings, Nature and People
James Miller, The Authority of Earth and Heaven: A Planetary Approach to Daoist Cultivation
Beyond the conference itself, we also offer several optional excursions, both before and after.





时间:2018 年 6 月 1 日至 6 月 4 日

本年度的主题为内在真实与外在环境的关系,这是一个贯穿道教历史和文化的议题。由于道教高度重视自然与真实,故而经常超越甚至反对那些无论是外在还 是内在于道教的主流价值观,理念和实践。

“权威”与“真实”在道教的许多层面皆有表现。在哲学层面,它表现在运数与天性,出世与入世,个性与从众等诸多概念中;在个人修养层面,它体现为个 人嗜好与特定学习之所需或老师偏好之间的矛盾,以及跟诸多创新与重构的实例表达之间的矛盾。在社会层面,每逢王朝或重大经济巨变,文化和政治格局鼎革,需 要调整机构和/或合法化努力之际,它亦发挥了作用,它还体现在道教内部的改革和宗派的分衍方面,促成了道教多方面的新的发展。

本次会议的主题发言者将为王蓉蓉教授(Robin Wang)、陈霞教授(Xia CHEN)等。另外,大会还将在会前与会后提供可自愿选择的游览 活动。

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